IoT is the way forward!!! Let’s learn together.

Quote of the day.

” Dont leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”

“Aint no mountain high Enough”

Marvin Gaye

If you’re interested in learning languages you’re in the right place. I will upload links of videos of different fun subjects to learn English primarily but also Spanish and French.

Example link embedded below is a music video from youtube totally free and available online you will Learn proper sentence Structure, grammar and fun topics of conversation!


If you want to learn more feel free to look us up

… and Remember that Knowledge is power!

Carlos Escamilla


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

That’s another saying by the way lol. from here you will learn basic English quotes and learning to talk and describe different things.

Beautiful landscape

I Came, I saw, I conquered.

Julius Ceasar


Love your neighbor like you love yourself.

Jesus Christ.

Media Rich

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

make changes little by little.

add a story behind each picture.

or video

different type of visual content to stimulate the mind in a fun and pleasurable way.

Code is Poetry

The WordPress community

If you want to learn more about us click to find more



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